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When you're navy federal member, the more you're in the more you win to learn about all the ways to earn save visit. Federal Dot Org. Insured by NCUA. Dollar values based on two thousand eighteen study by navyfederal. Okay. We're back talking with Nicole Cox from a Moto American army veterans so Nicole. You're talking before the break you were talking about working for biotech company there in Southern California and in your company got bought out, and things are starting to go downhill because the buyout. so go back in touch on that and Would it have happened with your working at the biotech company? So when they start messing with our weekends off it. It really hurt my. Happiness position. But I had a good John is a good 401k made a lot of sense to stay there But as I got increasingly unhappy, and wasn't able to race a local club race organization offered me a job as a contractor, and I knew that this was going to be a risk. I knew that once the season was over. He wasn't gonNA came war. He said that wasn't the case, but. I really struggled with leaving the security of his 401k company, but a good friend of mine, Sophia, she said to me she's like you can be in a big company and you're secure, but then the next day you walk in and you in thirty of your best friends or kicked out the door, and you have no idea you know, she says yes. It's a risk, but it's a risk that you know about, and you can prepare for the end of the season. She's like. Take the rest, and that's you know chase. Chase the dream, not the money you know and. So that's that's what I did. I went into. Working, for a local organization, and managed to increase their ridership, and make a lot of great changes there, and somehow just over this crazy stroke of luck these four gentlemen were taking over American road, racing American road racing was in a pretty dire state with. The recession and you know some mismanagement in the past. Or perceived mismanagement. You, never really know the full story, right? So. Thankfully just happened at the same time. They bought the rights in two thousand fourteen September, and that was about the time that you know. I lost my contract and so with the with the jobs that I had done and the people that I had met I was able to get my resume in front of Moto. America and then went back into a 401k company and you know a good. A good stable position so I would would encourage everybody you know. Chaser dream you know, see see what you can do. Take the risk if you're in a place that you can take the risk obviously. Balloon House your family that better thing. But I was lucky. I was single and I didn't have a lot of financial responsibilities, so at the time I was I was able to take advantage of that now six years later I own my own home. Myself I the only person on that loan, and you know I had very financially secure in doing something that I absolutely loved. Could you imagine if like things might have barely worked out at the biotech company and you're still back there working for him. In my life completely different and You know I'm sure it would make the best of it either way, but yeah, it's just you know to think that. I wouldn't be sitting. Here is is a crazy thought. America headquartered. In Irvine. California so I had to move from San Diego back to La, which was fine for me, and and you know. Thankfully, it was in California. I think I might have thought twice if it was in Ohio. So by it said it's quarter, bear and the four gentlemen that run it are. Awesome guys one of them. If you're a motorcycle Sandy, absolutely, no Wayne Rainy legend. And he is the president of company and just a great guy. I work with and somebody who really absolutely loves the sport. And then my direct boss, Chuck Axel and His family has a really long history in motorsports, and he actually came from running the the America's so a lot of a lot of knowledge. Are you still so you're. You're director of operations from American now and so what your primary job duties would would keeps you busy. I like to say that I'm an operation, so everything's my fault. If everything goes well, you don't hear anything, but if everything's going well, you hear it all. I touch a little bit of everything for the company from.

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