Spring Break 2020 - The Power Trip [FULL SHOW] - burst 23

The Power Trip


Kept guy at eight under leads some golf tournament called the. WGC FEDEX. Something or other. So Brooks Koepka is your later after round one I believe the sixty two that he shout was his career low. Yeah. I think I think you're correct. He's currently he's currently in his second round and he's still minus-eight House Jon? Rahm Jon Rahm. Don't know he's played yet but something called Brandon todd is one stroke back. That's a situation where you would like to be a todd. Yes. Correct branding todd cash. Yeah. So Yeah Great Brandon Todd Brandon. That's his name hough you nailed it corey I don't care when we don't have money on it I don't watch it right I. didn't I didn't watch it when we had and I love watching it when we have money on it now

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