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I'm the least blink sitting in for John. He's going to be back on Monday. I wanted to talk a little bit now with Ryan Borough on the Airplane that basically crashed in the back yard yesterday. Well, not quite that, But in Palestine. We had a small engine. Was it a single engine plane? Ryan? I'm not hearing you. Microphone. Six. There we go. Right now. I got it. I got it. There we go. Yeah, it's so it was really strange. I was actually up for a walk. I don't live too far away from there and heard all these helicopters bossing around. What the heck is going on and walked over and there was a plane on the road. We're still trying to figure out what happened. Witnesses seem to think that the plane ran out of power. At least that's what the the pilots seem to indicate to them when he got out Good news is he's safe, but You're right at that intersection of Colfax and and Quinton. Apparently, some witnesses said they saw the plane going down way lower than it should have been like just over the treetops, and they thought this thing was going to crash and There is going to be a big fire. But instead it appears as though it landed. There was some damage to the plane to the wing and and a little bit ah to other parts of the plane as well. But it seems as though he landed it onto the road, and then maybe it. It clipped a pole or something like that. That caused it to spin. Because if you look where it landed, it was between trees. It was between utility poles. That could have been really, really bad. So this guy is actually a really good pilot. As far as we can tell t to the point of land to get Yes, we We don't know a lot of the story. He was safe. He was fine. He was on the phone, making a lot of frantic calls. Some friends came and comforted him at one point. Hey, we didn't get anything from him, and in fact, police didn't give us a ton of information. But Very weird scene to see a small plane kind of propped up against Ah ah Utility Pole Neera Neera house in Palestine. I have to say the takeaway for me is that You should look less at your phone when walking outside and more of the sky. Yeah, well, 11 witness said that there was actually right near where that plane landed a student driver vehicle nearby. They don't They don't teach you that one and drivers that do they? Well, Ziva planes falling from the sky at that point. Yeah, that's really crazy. Well, it feels like you know, these things don't happen that often anymore that I don't know if they're There's making planes better. But there was a Why there, you know, for a while we and we do see this in foreign countries. We see you know, or if you're in the Grand Canyon, for example, you'll hear about these kinds of full plane crashes or you hear about people flying their own plane. And, you know very sadly, you know, bad things happen sometimes, but Ready? Clear day yesterday, and it seems like he was able to land. Okay. The picture is kind of stunning. You sent elephant picture of what? It actually looked like talking about being on the scene for reporting. Yeah, right. It's it's weird when you're when it When it happens in your neighborhood. You beat all of the TV crews and they eventually got there and then you you You know, work work with each other to to try to get information out of police. But, yeah, it was. It's weird when it happens right in your backyard, so helpful right with Cove it to be able to report on something in your own back, actually walked there, but also when the TV crew started started showing up there like where do we park where we going? I just got down over there a little bit and then turn left and then you're right there and he just park and just walk or, you know, it's like you. Was that I was the local I was the downy. So who actually picks up the plane and takes it like two? The plane repair shop. There was it. There was a tow service that came on. Yeah, it got loaded up and away. It went. Yeah, it happened actually in daylight, Which is good, because it would happen at nights. You know, we might have had a different story, but Yeah, every everything you love to hear stories when it ends well, and nobody was hurt because there are so many tragic stories. Where that wasn't the case yesterday when I was driving in. What I saw was they'd shut down the Kennedy there. Did you hear about this? Yesterday morning? Was that motorcycle right? Is that a motorcycle and when I was driving in, so it's it was on the outbound. Ah, No, I Yes. On the outbound. I was on the inbound coming to work. Andi, you could see that they closed off the highway. And then there was just a covering right in the middle. And I thought, Oh, that's not good. No, no, that's that's always that's always a tough one to see. You know, thankfully it it appears as though because of the number of people that are on the roadways during this pandemic, according to the National Safety Council. The numbers of fatalities on the roads are down this year compared to previous years that you would expect volume sheer volume that being said the Rate at which people are dying on the roads is actually up. And the reason that that these experts believe that's the case is because people are driving faster. Oh, there. Yeah, people on the road. We saw this at the very beginning of the pandemic. It was hard to be on the Kennedy without someone flying up behind you at 90 Miles an hour because there was so much free road in front of you and people weren't used Tio. That, apparently, Yeah, well, autobahn is always you know, one of those things we magically keep thinking about, but then actually still happening. So today, on my way in again, people were flying by me. But there's more traffic on the road. Now it's gotten more dangerous, and we had another crash last night on the Eisenhower Yeah, it's it's Ah, It's very dangerous out there. Like you said the overall numbers year to year are down. But the percentage of volume to those fatalities are

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