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To 15 51 41 president. Trump revealed that he offered big 10 commissioner Kevin Warren help with Corona virus testing. After the conference initially had cancelled their football season. The president said he is now pushing his focus to the Pac 12 Conference, the last conference who have cancelled their fall football season, The president hailed the decision by the Big 10 on Twitter, saying, It's my great honor to have helped that conference include schools located in several states that will be key. The president's reelection, including Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is praising an alternative take on Black American history promoted by notable conservatives while acknowledging that the federal government cannot dictate school curriculum, despite President Donald Trump's calls for patriotic education in U. S schools, the education secretary, said during a conservative policy panel that she thinks a 17 76 unites curriculum sounds really wonderful. That project was launched last week by the Woodson Center, whose founder, Bob Woodson, has said low income blacks are just Lateral damage

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