Finding Your Own Unity


In this week's ceres, we've been exploring the ancient wisdom of one of the most famous Indian sages. Tanjile who wrote the classic Yoga Sutras Yoga, means, union, or unity and the Yoga Sutras. Are Representative of living a life with a higher state of consciousness. Feeling unified or connected. And in today's episode, you're going to discover a meditation technique to help you. Feel not only united or connected within yourself, but also with others with the world around you. And in these days. Of certainty. where? There's Not a lot of trust at least where I live in the United States and I know in many other countries as well. With many of our major institutions such as our political economic. Health Care Education. Even our spiritual and religious institutions have. disappointed. US In many cases not to say that we have given up hope on everything necessarily I'll vote there is that too where there's definitely that going on today. Potentially, offers with the Yoga Sutras a way for you to feel unified within yourself. To feel connected. This is through living. A life where you incorporate a lot of the principles of. Yoga and meditation which he called the Yomise. And we explored the first Yama. A few weeks ago of non harm or loving kindness. And the Second Yama. In last week's series and that had to do with. Non Line or truthfulness. Well this week you are exploring non stealing. And this is in regard not only to. Taking away something from someone stealing but also Greed. And negative thoughts and actions. which take away from the quality of your life. So think about. Your emotions this week you have had a challenge. Your challenge is to notice when your emotions are. More. In regard to your sympathetic nervous system where you're feeling them spy where you have this. Rush. Shoving Or your para sympathetic nervous system where your emotions can become. Even to allow. Where you feel as though, you just can't get out of bed or you see no hope. This is like a roller coaster. You may feel the you are on these days. And that is norma when we rely on. The world outside around us. To make us feel secure. When you begin to as tangibly was suggesting begin to. Develop these qualities within yourself. That make you a better person. The world becomes a better place, and if enough of us do this, we create a new life. Let me share with you what of Pantano lease quotes? He. says. When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project. your thoughts, break their bonds. Your mind transcends limitations. Your conscious expands in every direction and you find yourself in a great new and wonderful world. So. As you settle yourself down and get ready to meditate. I invite you to focus on a chocolate your seventh Chakra, which is at the crown of your head. This is your highest Chakra Chagas are considered to be. Energy within your body were you harbor emotions and

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