With just eight days until millions of Florida voters begin casting their presidential ballot,


Millions of Florida voters begin casting their presidential ballot, the race couldn't get any closer with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden tied with President Trump. That's according to the latest Florida Atlantic University poll released on Tuesday, which found that 49% of likely voters were favoring Biden and 46 were favoring President Trump a three point difference. That amounts to a statistical tie Republican senator from Florida Marco Rubio with what's on the mind of many Floridians as a vote that people are going to make decide this election that happened to be of Hispanic descent, especially in central Florida. And these people, what they want is where everyone wants. They want to be able to own a home. They want a job. Dignity. They goto work 40 hours a week make decent pay. They have good benefits. Their Children are able to go to school graduate and go on to a better life. A supporter of the president in Massachusetts is going to great lengths to keep his signs safe. US radio networks Chris Barnes explains. Massachusetts man says he's using an electrified fence now to protect his yard sign. Supporting

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