HR 1: The Clippers Clipped! - burst 07


Floor Again, it doesn't matter to the clippers and they're going to do anything to begin with, but at the saying the. Better resolved, get past the second round why not try to go from and be can't do anything with them Why not give it twice. I Daniel thank you so much i. You know I just think that what we've just talked about I think that for as much as there's basketball reasons and we'll take more calls in a second at eight, seven, seven, seven, ten ESPN is that there's a leadership void there and you he's he's less vocal than Kawhi, I think and most talented. It was like Guinea, a lesser player than Paul George and you're not making up for which desperately which is a vocal leader. Yeah. Like Hawaii to lead by example guy. Yeah and if you have a bunch of people in the same like Toronto that works. Yeah. Yeah. For sure. All right. So we'll take a few more calls we got what you need to know keyshawn is GonNa join us at five what you need to know brought to you by our friends at Morongo play it safe good times keyshawn coming up in a second L. Z. All NBA teams have been released and look not a ton of surprises when it came to. The first team to Lakers, Lebron you have ad Lebron was unanimous Jaanus also unanimous James Harden. Luca. Danni. was also on the team as well. I got some really cool Lucas stats though for you. Are you ready to your this? Luca I didn't know any of this like I was really impressed. I. Saw this today on ESPN stats and Info. Luca is the first. First or second year player on the first NBA team team Dunkin. Okay The only other players twenty one or younger that have appeared on the all NBA first team. Lebron did in your three, he was twenty one. K D. Did it in your three. Tim. Duncan the aforementioned who did it as a rookie Rick Berry? So he is one of five guys in the history of the sport twenty one or younger team. That's really impressive and he deserved it. Oh. No question about it was amazing. Argued that. James Harden space should have been detained Lillard. Yes but Overall. I have no problem with the first for the first team show my issue was on second and third teams. So second team was Nicole Yokich I'm fine. I'm fine. Fine. Damian Lillard. I'm fine. I thought he'd been first team or whatever okay. Chris Paul I'm fine I'm fine. Pascal There's a problem here. Yeah. So, Pascal Siaka got the nod over Jason Tatum and Jimmy Butler and I'm like dog though both those guys were more deserving than Pascal Siaka. I think they felt the need voters felt the needs reward Toronto a good season. That wasn't the way to do it. Yeah. You send him like an edible arrangements way to go guys right. Don't make Passi. ACCO. A second team, all NBA player, right? Not Ahead of those guys guys. Yeah. So the third team was Jimmy Butler Jason Tatum Ben Simmons Russell Westbrook. And look those guys had great regular seasons and go bear who look has been the mobile defensive play the year but let

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