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I just have one thing to say. Tell you what If I tell anyone of these people I'd be I'd be elected president, Acclamation, said. Whoever did that did Esposito song that he just loves aren't for love that and so you should try vote for him because if he had, I mean, he's given that guy's promise for him. Are we done with this kind of politics, folks? All we done with this Can you imagine if before you bought a house You said, Well, let's go look at the house. And if we're gonna pay all this money, let's go look at it and see. See, you know, bathroom size, living room size, how it loves structure looking men in and you don't need any of that. I just wanted to tell you. What are you on Hispanic? Yeah, I loved Esposito. Listen. What do you think you like the house we haven't seen. We have no idea what the house looks like. No, No. Here's Jeff Mosquito. I have a big fan. Would you like the house? How am I gonna pay thousands of dollars every month for house I haven't seen. I don't know anything about it on the basis that you like the song Esposito. I'm never going to see you again. Here is listen. Sounds good song. You would say That's insane, Right? So that's how we're electing a president. At least with a bad house. You could sell it right off the loss. Burn it down some But with the president you're going to live in this country. You voted for him on the basis. City places stupid song. So they've had Joe Biden tucked away in the basement and this is what they do. They sent him down to Florida, where he's he's struggling with Hispanics and I go here player. So is this Is this what his campaign is going to be? Here's what I'm going to do is president so you inviting. You invite him into a a black audience, and he just he walks upon the stage and goes I just have one thing to say.

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