Samantha Skelly Onn How Breathwork Helps Heal Emotional Eating


So, welcome onto the podcast. Samantha thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited. Yeah. I'm really looking forward to talking with you about meditation and in particular breath work and I thought that we might want to do it in that order as it seems to be the trajectory in your soon to be released book hungry for happiness, stop emotional eating, and start loving yourself that that book is coming out at the end of September. So this is the this podcast is to dropping a couple of weeks. Before that. So I thought that we would talk about this. Is that okay with you haven't lately unless to excellent. Excellent. So let's begin with with hungry for happiness this the book I I read it It's it's part healing memoir. Can Apart guided introspection and meditations and and also this sort of. Part can a best friend encouragement like you're like this not really a coach like this like your your girlfriend come on. Let's do this. You know so. Can You? Can you tell us about your healing journey that we read about in the book? Absolutely I love how you explain it like that you know my my intention for Reading For writing that book was to write it to just my best friend you know that that felt sense of. I understand you I get it. I was there I know how terrible it can feel when you are in a battle with food in your body. So I'm grateful that the final product came out like that. So I grew up as a dancer and actress when I was quite young and dealt with all kinds of body image issues growing up. I can remember being very young in the bathtub just feeling. This. Felt Santa, feeling, discuss it in my body, which was a feeling that I felt often when I looked in the mirror at at young age and that then manifested into an eating disorder emotional eating restricting overeating all sorts of things when I was about eighteen. And I entered into this period of my life that I. Call My Diet Depression years where. I was on over fifty diets in less than four years and. Truly had no idea how to just eat like a normal person like that was a impossible task for me at that time, I can remember waking up some mornings thinking to myself like a hi, can I just can't wait to go to bed because the thoughts in my mind were so just honestly abusive and just my level of body image. The the severity in which I hated my body was just through the roof and so. I began trying to try to heal my my emotional eating through dieting. So I was going on all sorts of different diets, and of course, just making the making things worse. What we need to realize what I needed to realize that time is emotional eating and and disordered eating is all in inside job and the Maury trying to manipulate and control and mess with our food the worse it actually gets. and. So I can remember about ten years ago reading eat pray love and. It was a story where she went to Bali and she right? Elizabeth. Yeah and he liked poker with dicks. He she found this healer in Bali. That poker with East Dickson and Blah Blah Blah Blah long story short. So I'm like, all right that's what I'm going to do. So I bought a one way ticket to Bali I flew to Bali and I found this exact healer that she wrote about in her book I drove this I I got I got on a scooter scooter got on like a taxi scooter and drove to this man's home. And he barely spoke any English and he started poking me with his sticks and. He, then just has to be your brains broken. And I was like Oh God. Okay. What's going on here? And so he goes you think too much. You have too much thinking and I was like you're so right I really do. And so this was a point in my life where I I couldn't tell the story I had was I couldn't meditate. And I would say I would sit there and meditation and my brain would be going a million miles a minute. And thinking of all sorts of different things I would get up after twenty minutes and. Feel more stressed out than when I initially sat right because a lot of people's experience. And I know you're a pro meditators I, could've used you back in the day. So for me meditation was a challenge but everyone in their dog was telling me that meditation was going to be the path for me to heal my disordered eating will that mean such an interesting position because here's this thing that apparently has all these amazing benefits which it does and I know that now but I couldn't do it to save my

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