BB22 | Live Feed Update | Wednesday, Sept 16, 2020


For September Sixteenth I'm your host turn Armstrong and with me today to Mont, I ain't doing them on. I'm great. had a fantastic episode. I watched last night. Made Myself in my roommate's dinner had some wine very relaxing very relaxing. So just like the house guests last night, they also had some wine. They also had some dinner. I don't think he was quite as relaxing for them though, yeah. No I would sitting outside relaxing by a fire watching when her first COMP and big brother history and they seem to be. Having, an episode of real housewives of the big brother, House. So we which is fine for me. Fine fine for me. I'm down with it I love the drummer. Yes. All right. Well, we are here to update on everything that happened yesterday on the Big Brother twenty two feeds. It was day forty, two in the house and. Another long day. Of things you know moving around. The vote remains unchanged as things stand. For the most part here we're still looking at. Tyler staying but we are getting some long term plans being set in motion especially. From Memphis who will talk about but Let's get to it here. We started the day with Christmas David kind of chatting about potentially getting Ian out which which was exciting to. Christmas, because she was like Ooh I'm going to be able to get David on my side and it was excited today exciting to David because he was like Ooh, I'm going to be able to get Christmas on my side. At Christmas, talk to the cameras and she was like I'm very excited that he the David wants out that makes things easier. She really did not like it. When Danny said that me Memphis or Enzo would have to be upon when the disruptive power reserves that was no for her she's done with Danny. She says she knows that if Nicole can find a way, she'll try to keep in. Which which tells me that she's willing to get rid of an alliance member for him he's obviously her untouchable. That's not okay. That's not okay. Well, it's okay because big brother, but it's too obvious. So it's not okay. Christmas really doesn't like untouchables What's what's wrong where you just you you? You you get rid of the crossed. That's all. She. Is She. Like the numbers are dwindling Christmas like I, understand the fact that like it, it is a bit troubling for you if Danny. Kohl or more. So Danny was thinking about putting you up on the block instead of Ian who's not in the alliance but I mean what what's going to happen next week if this happens again if David or Devan or Kevin Nature wage what that what then you're gonna be pissed off because you're reliant is putting up Annella someone on your allies is up on the block like it's going to happen eventually so she's just she's just annoy me but fine whatever. You know what? She does a lot. She does like. This motion a lot. And she does do that. That's what bothers me. Anyway, I just thought we were airing grievances about Christmas. So I just to get that out. She's like it's too much. Is the I guy? She probably does it to her baby a lot I'm I'm not your baby I don't I don't do that to the cameras don't. She says she she says that. The in has to go, she likes Nicole she wants to continue to work with her but she sees so she plays the game she tries to play young innocent. She sees that she feels like, Nicole is trying to put herself in a similar position to the one that Nicole is trying to put herself or is that the Christmas trying to put herself in? So she she recognizes that. She. Says that. Cody needs to be gone soon. He's a really good competitor this next stage Mike it heated she loves this game. It's just like she does all this she talks all this stuff but I, just really don't know if she's going to go ahead and do because when her feet are held to the fire she's so about the team that if she she's not GonNa WanNa win eight your wage until three weeks from now because she's going to be more focused on getting David Kevin and they've honor Outta here. So it's nice to hear talking about turning on people. I was GONNA be the one that gets God and she's going to be the one that blows up so. I'm just you know it'd be nice to have this to be able to flashback to and I'm like you should have considered turning on the team earlier than you are but. Whatever Christmas is the season I mean I will say I think almost more than anyone. She is willing to turn on the team. She's following the Paul rulebook and she's following that rule book in the sense that like it's time to start cutting the fat. And she's talking to Memphis about it and I think she's ready to go. I. Don't think that she like would love to be the one to do it herself if she can help it, but she is trying to put the pieces together to do it. Now, I think the problem that she is too susceptible to the people that she's talking to you. So if she talks to Memphis, she talks to talks to tyler these people tell her. No don't target cody yet. She'll probably be like Oh. Okay. So we'll instead we'll go for Danny or whoever? And that's I think that's where she'll get tripped up. Yeah I I would love for her to these these morning talks. They're great. Awesome I. Love to hear what's in your head I love that you are being candid with us in candidate with yourself because a lot of ways we just do see Christmas the soldier. So it is nice to see that she's talking like

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