Thanks to the Pandemic, Apple’s Big Event Was Just … an Event


Been covering these sorts of apple events in product reveals for a while now yes. Seventy five years. Have the one compare it was definitely very different though in June we had apples developer's conference and it was pretty similar to that. So in the sense of we're getting used to this, but it's definitely different than me flying out to Cupertino waiting in line to get into a big amphitheater in a room packed full of. Apple Employees, other press, and hearing a lot of excitement about new products. And on the products, let's start with that side of things. What are your biggest takeaways from what was announced and what star listeners be thinking about when they go to buy their next of ice I think the biggest thing I want everyone to remember when they go to buy an apple device is that getting the most expensive apple device doesn't necessarily anymore mean it's the best one to get. Now sure there are going to be features that they're going to have in these higher end products like we saw yesterday with the Apple Watch series six announcement. That is a three, hundred, ninety, nine dollars watch. But we also got an Apple Watch se that starts at two hundred, seventy nine dollars and has a lot of the features you would probably want seeing that also on the IPAD so you can get a three hundred twenty, nine dollar really good ipad. You get an IPAD air new IPAD air that's five, hundred, ninety, nine dollars or you can go up to the eight hundred dollar ipad pro but that IPAD air is actually a really good value and has a lot of the same things as that pro. and. We also heard a lot about services. Apple has really been leaning into this part of its business lately. Did we get any news there? We heard a lot about services yesterday and I think it was really interesting how apple threaded that throughout the hardware announcements specifically fitness plus announcement, and this was an announcement of a new on demand video workout service think about your Peleton's about your other sort of video workout videos but this comes. With an Apple Watch or you have to pay extra ten dollars a month to get this with your Apple Watch and this really sort of emphasizes if you've got this wash if you've got this hardware, then you can also get the service and for apple that means you're going to have recurring revenue. You're going to have this customer who didn't only pay for the hardware, but is now gonNA pay a monthly service fee for this new service. So some changes there another big change normally a new iphone would be the headliner of this event that's been pushed because of coronavirus related supply chain issues. But given everything we saw yesterday do you have any predictions about what new features we might see when that eventually is announced? There is no mention of the iphone which. Actually shocking to me I figured Oh they're going to at least tease it. This is the September event. They're going to remind people. We know we usually gather for the IPHONE but coming soon. But there was none of that. I would say the biggest hint we got about what's coming with the IPHONE is that the Apple Watch will no longer ship in its box a USB adapter the one that you plug into the wall that no longer is GonNa be shipped. In. The box and apple says, that's for environmental reasons that we all have these already why do we need more of these ending up in the landfill? I think apple will do the same exact thing with the iphone coming next month will hold you to that taking a step back here. You know this event is typically meant to really hype up the products that apple announces with no iphone and you mentioned sort of a less flashy event than we're used to. Are we expecting to see an impact on apple's bottom line I would say this is one of the most boring apple events in recent history that said I actually think it could end up being one of the most successful in terms of products announced you had the lower end ipad refresh the three, hundred, twenty, nine dollars Ipad, which we know as a top seller for apple, and now you also have these new apple watches that are. Not as expensive as the usual three, ninety, nine version but one that's more affordable has a lot of health features and you have also this this backdrop of the pandemic and people wanting to spend less and focus on health and I think that the Apple Watch I it's it's been sort of less of a niche product, but it's not spread over to everyone and I. Think this year we're going to see it really broaden its horizons. And here with the announcement of not only the different pricing tiers and having three different models out. But also the family sharing this is a feature they announced where you can actually give the watch to your kid even if they don't have an iphone and you can then set it up and control it and you can also use it to track your kid if they're at school, I think that is really showing how big of A. Market Apple thinks the watch can get into. So they've had things like fall detection for people who are older. They now have this feature for those who are younger. So I really think this is the beginning of seeing the the watch a lot bigger than we had thought

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