Washington DC Water: Ongoing project could’ve prevented Northeast sewage flooding


Customers clean up after the September 10th historic rainfall that heavy rain overwhelmed some parts of the sewer system, filling some people's homes in northeast D. C with the disgusting substance. CEO and general manager David Gattis says up to $5000 will be paid to homeowners for the cost of drying their basements, including removing moldy drywall and sanitizing in an online flooding. Town hall get US also announced a major expansion of the agency's backflow Water valve reimbursement program. That expansion will cover every home within the most seriously impacted DC neighborhoods. The agency says it will reimburse up to $6000 to homeowners for the installation of the device, which is designed to stop sewage flow from coming back into the basement by ensuring the flow goes on Ly one way What other hopes are there to prevent flooding? W T O peace Neal Augenstein reports the flooding that happened in the Edgewood community. We believe the Northeast boundary eternal would mitigate that flooding. DC water Ceelo Tish Powell says That project is already underway and should be done by 2023. The water authority already built the first street in Anacostia Tunnel Systems. To carry storm water and sewage directly to the blue planes. Treatment plan well completely eliminates flooding, But it will greatly mitigate storm such as this Your log unstained W Tio Pino

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