Browns dealing with injury questions at tackle

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Us some news about steelers running back James Connor. Yoshimi sprained his ankle last night Laura now, Mike Tomlin said they're going to leave the white on them for this weekend. So they don't believe it's overly serious, but obviously couldn't finish last night's game in penny snow came and finishes the weeks second leading rusher play very well. Philip, he's got a case turf toe. He also didn't finish last night's game. The team is opening that it's mild. He's hoping that he'll be able to go. This week but PHILP Lindsey Nursing Turf Twenty three to Jerry painful for running backs a difficult injury, and of course, the bears right now are dealing with an unhappy Allen Robinson who today took off his social media pages all mentions of the bears he's unhappy with his contract situation. He's in the last year deal. He'd like a new contract and the fact that he is basically removing references to the bears on his social media platforms. An old trick also a new trick, but it also tells you a lot about players mindset, Alan Robinson not happy with the bears at this point in time.

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