Lessons From COVID-19 About Your Career Path #1022



Following up on yesterday's episode where we spoke about businesses being lost to Cova. Many people have, of course, lost their jobs and potentially careers as a result of this crisis, and so I asked myself, what can we learn from that? What learnings are there in terms of planning career from this current crisis and it's interesting to me because I've got to mates whose kids have both pursued careers as pilots one who's just graduated and was looking for his first job and another who had just started the study and both of those guys thought that that was a pretty good career choice. Now, of course, with the airline industry decimated who knows if that's GONNA play We presume that will recover but how long it takes to what extent nobody really knows, and so I asked myself if I was planning a career right now, how would I be thinking about this and I think what we need to do is maybe reframe how we define a career. I think once upon a time, we used to define a career as starting a job and finishing job within the same company. More recently I guess in my generation I think the definition of a career is more likely to be one in which might work in two or three different companies, but you kind of in the same general field or general area. Now I think moving forward. The way we need to frame a career is multiple. Multiple experiences in multiple industries in multiple jobs, and so you might do five years in a career. Sorry five years in marketing. You might see five years in manufacturing. You might be five years in SPA business. You might do five using the airline business and so at the end of May be ten or fifteen or twenty years, which most people would consider their career path. You actually had sort of multiple possible join together. And the reason I think that becomes interesting in this in this next phase of our lives. Is because in the event of a crisis like this, you need someone who's flicks who's got flexibility. You need someone that's adaptable. You need somebody that can learn. That's what people are looking for right now. Now, if you've had the one job for the last ten or fifteen twenty years or the same company, then your ability to do those things hasn't been proven. You might have it just hasn't been proven, and again you could argue that this is a once in a lifetime. Situation once in one hundred situations our crisis, but it might not be you know somebody might decide. Now we're going to weaponized viruses being spoken about a lot. There might be another world war they might be any Anvar mental crosses that could be any number of dramatic changes in marketplace conditions and economic conditions that lead to a kind of crisis we're going through right now. So I think if you're planning a career. Rather, than think about one specific field on one specific Joel, one specific company that interest you try and think about maybe four or five or six, and then ask yourself win I want to start. But but I potentially do each of those things alone my career path I think that potentially. Whereas it was once upon a time would probably be viewed as an unstable career path. I actually think moving forward into the future that could become the ultimate stable career path. He's having multiple dots directly. Do let me know in the comments below I do thank you for your time and I will be back again tomorrow.

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