Joe Biden, President And President Trump discussed on Lee Matthews


From Anderson Cooper. Three questions like that President rallied in Wisconsin. Fosse's Rachel Sutherland has more live. They've president, Trump told supporters in Wisconsin, a Joe Biden when would hand the nation to what he called a violent left wing mob. Biden wins the rioters. Anarchists, arsonists and flag burners. They win, and we're not into flag burners. And as you heard there, the president mocked CNN's drive in town Hall, which was going on. At the same time, President Trump accused Biden of overseeing the outsourcing of American jobs and selling out the Midwest. Dave Rachel. They're going to be campaigning both candidates in Minnesota today where early voting starts. Ah Wildfire fighter has died in California killed batting the flames in the San Bernardino National Forest. Multiple fires continue to burn throughout the West, California, Oregon and Washington but also in Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Firefighters continue to battle 57 large wildfires across the West Stanton Florea with the national Interagency Fires that are talking to Fox is Jessica Rosenthal, These 35 other people. All have been killed in those destructive fires. There are still hundreds of thousands without power after Hurricane Sally hit doing damage causing flooding from Alabama, Florida,

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