Bucks' Giannis Antetokounmpo ejected from game after headbutting Wizards' Moe Wagner


Beat. The Wizards won 26 1 13 Yet the ugly incident for Jonathan said a coop Oh, ejected For head butting Mo Wagner. The TV broadcast as we know supposed to let the pictures kind of tell the story not as much detail as you get on the radio side, but the books TV team taking that to a new level when they got a look at the first replay, lot of O's and know that all you got With him afterwards, John. It's admitting that he just lost it in that moment. You're in the zone. Just just like you don't think you know him. I might take a second or two that you don't think you do something. Wagner. I I didn't see this game. Did Wagner say something to him? Like what? Prompted that a hard foul? Yeah, they were jawing mean there It was play. It stopped. And they were John. And as they kind of came together, they were definitely you know, in each other's faces and talking trash. Donna says they came basically chest the chest. Just it was a legit headbutt. So I don't know what he said. But my God, Mo Wagner, by the way, has changed the back of his jersey to don't head butt me gonna be on the back of your S O. We'll see if there's any are what kind of discipline there is free, honest, obviously not great timing with the playoffs right around the corner if there's any sort of suspension at all.

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