Bucks' Giannis Antetokounmpo suspended one game for headbutting Wizards' Moe Wagner


Is playing the Milwaukee Bucks and you would say, Oh, yeah, Milwaukee should win that game. We don't know what the bucks they're gonna look like on the court. And how? How many minutes. Are those bucks Players going, Teo get Here's one thing, though, in a game last night were Yannis onto the Campo probably didn't need supply. He did play, so you would have wondered if Mike Budenholzer would've put onto the tempo out in the court tomorrow. Up against the Memphis Grizzlies. Now he doesn't have that option to do so, because you're honest onto the Campo got hit with a one game suspension for a foolish head. But last night On most Wagner and we've seen the honest answer component on the bubble, pick a fight with Dante Hall of the Nets, and then picked a fight with also Mo Wagner. And they were both unnecessary. Why are you doing that? Why you put in yourself in that situation? It's not like you're headbutting LeBron or CO I Leonard, your head butting two guys that Don't mean a damn thing to you, and both their team stink. So you're going to be a back to back M v p Award winner? Maybe trying to pick up the intensity in the bubble, which I could appreciate on DH. Maybe because you know, everyone's saying your season doesn't mean anything until yeah. Get to the embassy finals and really your season starts the postseason. Maybe you just get in and see that that's finally coming. But for Johannes last night, what he was doing was absolutely foolish, and I don't get it and even after the game He realized that it was a mistake and what he did. Terrible action. Um, never go back. Turn back time and club XL playing. I wouldn't do it. But then they know human making state's got out of

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