Amazon Reportedly Wants to Use Sears and J.C. Penney Stores as Fulfillment Centers

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Are Telling The Wall Street Journal that Simon Property the biggest owner of malls in the United States has explored turning anchor stores previously occupied by department stores into fulfillment centers for Amazon, quote, the talks have focused on converting stores formerly or currently occupied by JC Penney and sears. The People said, the department store chains have both filed for chapter eleven, bankruptcy protection, and as part of their plans have been closing dozens of stores across the country. Simon. Malls have sixty three. Three. Penny and eleven, sears stores according to its most recent public filing in May for Amazon deal with Simon, would be consistent with its efforts to add more distribution hubs near residential areas to speed up the crucial last mile delivery. But for Simon, any deal to surrender prime space to Amazon would signal a break from a longtime business model for malls reliance on a large department store to draw foot traffic to neighboring shops and restaurants. Amazon, fulfillment centers wouldn't draw much. Foot traffic to them all though some employees could eat and shop at the mall. That's why landlords have preferred to replace department stores with other retailers, gyms, theaters, or entertainment operators. Yet, many of these tenants are struggling to survive during the pandemic and aren't in expansion mode and quote. Why not turn, them into hybrid fulfillment center. Slash pick-up center. Showroom spaces. Although as at epicurious deal said on twitter quote, interesting thought, but making malls originally designed to accommodate large inbound freight flows. But outsource last mile collection to consumers will require substantial costly outbound logistics infrastructure redesign. For example, malls have the parking lot real estate, but they don't have adequate outbound loading facilities most maybe all mall architecture is designed to capture and retain consumers. Distribution centers are designed to maximize throughput velocity and minimize goods dwell time. These design objectives are in a word incompatible and quote.

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