What Are The Impacts Of Disbanding Seattle's Navigation Team?


Seattle Police Department is trying to figure out how to implement newly approved budget cuts from the City Council. On Monday, the council voted in favor of cutting the department's budget by 14% for the rest of the year. Counsel suggests making cuts to the SWAT harbor Patrol and mounted officers as well as eliminating the navigation team, which responds to homeless camps comes Matt Markovich and marry Nam discussed the impact of those cuts. They're cutting the navigation team, but there's a lot more to that team. Mayor Durkin hacks. He has until Wednesday of next week to decide if she wants the veto that Monday action by the council That included those s Seattle police department cuts but also cut aspects of the outreach workers that go out with him and some cleanup crews. Now we caught up with what the city calls system navigators at Albert Davis Park in Lake City. Part of the navigation team. A year ago, the city would not even allow a tent in a city park. But because of Cove it, city officials are allowing that to happen. Now, Many City council's members say the navigation team is all about sweeping homeless camps like this one. And defunding. The police department aspect of the team was nearly unanimous this week, but a closer vote 5 to 4 vote. They chose to also defund the outreach portion of the team that tries to get people in those shelters and services. And some of the crew's that cleanup the camps in the removed biohazards. Over the last several months, There's been a shift in strategy with the city outreach workers entering these camps without police. The city Human Services Department says it's been effective. They had 400 referrals into shelter in 80% increase over the previous quarter and 104 we were able to identify 149 individuals in rolling into shelter. The only felt I'm just very long. Five months were from litigation. So for our little neighborhood is in use is absolutely devastating because we could Zero support. From any of the city officials and the neighbors across from the Lake City Park. Tell me they've seen countless set countless emails to elected officials about the crime from the homeless camp. And have heard nothing. But they praise the efforts of the outreach workers trying to get the people in the camp in the shelter. Now, one of those campers that lived at the park told me he wants to stay put because his co bit He doesn't want to go to Congress shelter any kind of shelter because he'd rather stay outdoors. And that was the settlement across a lot of homeless camps that we've been to the last couple weeks because the narrowest of margins was passed well, actually Council voted by the narrowest margin to eliminate outreach workers. We're hearing that there is some talk behind the scenes that they could possibly Change that we're going to find out again. We're all waiting for Mayor Durkin decide on Wednesday. If she's going to veto this huge package that defunded SPD Mary that we are seeing more of these homeless encampments pop up not just in downtown Seattle but in neighborhoods across the street from parks near schools now, so what are the current conditions? That would prompt a camp removal. And then who would do that? If the navigation team is eliminated? The current condition is there. No sweeps or camp removal is right now because of Cove it because what CDC guidelines And the city basically backtracked on its policy of allowing people to go in camps as long as tense aren't oven obstruction or a health hazard hazard to other people. Like being right in the middle of a sidewalk, then they're going to be allowed to stay. That's kind of the orders of navigation team happens if the navigation team is gone, both police officers an outreach We don't know what's gonna happen in terms of a violent camp violent camp. The police will go in and deal with crime issues in some of these camps. But again, it's gonna be upto officers. I may not have been trained how to deal with these homeless camps. They may be going into these camps in the future Couples MAD Markovich and marry Nam

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