Glimpsing Aliveness With Cara Bradley

On The Verge


It. Could warning from my? Hike. On Valley, Forge Mountain actually mount misery I am on Mount Misery in Valley Forge Park. I've been wanting to do this just to grab my voice recorder and come and do something spontaneous with you for a while. So thank you for joining in with these morning messages. They are have been for me just an UN leaching of creativity spontaneity Tearing US I said yesterday and a lot of God a lot of like, ouch. Do I really want to put that out there who listen? Maybe you can hear the water as a Britt. Creek here. So what came to me today was to chat with you a little bit about aliveness. And about glimpsing aliveness. All of the things that I talk about a really coming at awakening. Awaking- awakening out of your busy thinking mind so that you can directly experience the brilliance of your life. And we take different turns. We look at this this gem from different angles, and so that's why why it may seem sometimes like I am jumping around. But really what we're doing is we're just changing perspective because there's no one path. There are infinite number of paths to waking up out of the the dream state of your mind. So. Being in nature for me. Is One of those paths that I take daily that I have to take daily because it it plugs me into. My sense of aliveness like nothing else I mean there's other things. But A, but nature's just so predictable. So glimpsing aliveness is simply. Allowing yourself to be with what is. To be with the gravel beneath your feet in the green around you in the sunlight peeking through the forest and the smell of summer the sounds of birds without having to. Label anything without having to. Analyze anything but you just start to melt or Mesh with the moment as it's unfolding. This is the process of awakening. And we've all had these moments. Every, single one of us if you've never sat down to meditate, it doesn't matter. You've had this experience. And I just want to encourage you to develop this capacity. To glimpse your own aliveness. To pause moment to moment so that you can. Hang out in the experience as it arises as it emerges. and. So it may be through music cooking may be through yoga. May Be on your run Maybe be in your car by yourself who knows. It can happen an infinite number of ways. When we start to pay attention to the glimpses of aliveness I talk about this I write about this a lot my book, and it's really informed my life just just recognizing glimpses. Moment to moment sometimes, we get caught in the thick of our mind. oftentimes we caught. In the thick of our mind to the news feed and what the world is kind of. Barrage us with. But then there are those cracks in the wall right Leonard Cohen says, that's where the light shines through there are those moments between moments. There are those precious. the the smell of coffee, the the site of Sun hitting the top of the trees you know the catching of somebody's is holding it there. The these are glimpses beyond the veil. Beyond. The veil of the thinking busy judging doubting fearing mind. And so I offer you a piece of my walk here as I. Look around. Bucks playing around. I hear the birds water and. You know it's just to be with that's it. Nothing. Special nothing profound. This is our birthright. It's our birthright. To recognize our own aliveness in the life force that moves through us. So. How do you glimpse aliveness? and. Once you start noticing you're gonNA start noticing more. And once you start noticing it more. then. The these moments. Start to if you're lucky start to lengthen. And the duration of these glimpses. Start. To. Become longer. And it's then in these glimpses in in a longer glimpse that you start to really hear. Your Voice. Your source, your source intelligence come through.

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