Coronavirus: Third day of wrangling over huge EU recovery plan


Seems to be a good deal of lip, curling, and or person beneath the mosques at a you talks on post. Pandemic Recovery Fund after four days of discussions agreement on the proposed seven hundred fifty billion euro fund appears away off. Some assessments of the general tone of the negotiations have even vote the dreaded, full and frank exchange of views, which in the diplomatic arena is the equivalent of at least one protagonist being flung. Through a window into a horse. Trough I'm joined with more on this point Naomi O'Leary Europe correspondent at the Irish Times. Niamey we'll we'll discuss the detail presently, but broadly. Who's disagreeing with whom about what? The main blockage is that there's a group of wealthy northern state led by the Netherlands that want the overall package. The thunder discussion to because because. They at home have domestic electorate that think the costs too much. And The Netherlands is heading for national election next year in March, and I think it's important for Prime Minister Ruta to be able to show to his electorate that he put up a fight in Brussels though. Is this just a really serving resurfacing rather? What's fairly familiar dynamic within the U you this idea that there is a a frugal nor Sunday profligate south. There's a lot of stereotypes at play. There changes though Britain is part of the discussion. It wouldn't have gotten so far as it has. If Britain had still been in the EU win vetoed dozen stage. I'm what's being forced to happen. Is that the states like the Netherlands and Austria kind of being forced to come with their use in a more direct way, they're not able to hide behind the opposition of Britain anymore as they have in the past, and you have alliances of smaller states rather than big blocking ones. Is it about the amount in total, or is it more about how that amount will be dispersed specifically whether it would be a grant or a loan which would need to be paid back at some future point? Yeah, it's both so there's a few things on the table. There's the common e you budget seven years. The Party Gotten Ryan to discussing then there's the recovery fund. Which is this one saw? A response to the economic damage of the pandemic that same to stimulate you con- economies. It's the new thing that would be funded by joint borrowing by the EU Commission that then be distributed to member states, according to need on some of the the the of that money would be in the form Graham that does need to be paid back by the national capitals, and that's controversial at to the frugal, because they're quite wary of incurring greater liabilities, also giving money with strict conditions. This lot of belief that this could you know? Why should any national governments being sensitized to run sensible budget if they think that they can just get money with consequences? So. They're pushing hard for a reduction. Particularly in the amount of grams. Then there are other questions. ID. Decide who gets and also. What kind of would you have? The money is spent. O'Leary with times. Thank you for joining

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