Last night here on KGO. I had the sad duty to announce the death. John Lewis.

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The sad duty to announce the death. John Lewis. Now, John Lewis has been a part of my life and the life of America. Since the march on Washington in 1900 63 He was the head of Snick, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. And by the way, is the last surviving speaker. At that great rally where Dr King delivered his I have a dream speech. John Lewis was an incomparable American. A hero. A kind and gentle man. I did some informal work for him writing. And I wrote a piece and he immediately Told me I don't have to change a word, John. I said John, Of course you don't I said Cause I'm quoting you. If he was a man with a sense of humor and A great sense of self. And you'll recall he refused to go to the inauguration of Of this president. Of Donald Trump. You believe Donald Trump was an illegitimate president? Like many of their colleagues. Senators Marco Rubio in Florida. And Dan Sullivan of Alaska. Posted tributes to John Lewis today. And included photos of themselves with the civil rights icon who died Friday.

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