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And talk news Radio K LBJ from the Smith Corona viruses in Red or Blue doesn't care about politics. I'm Dave Anthony Fox News. That's what Texas is, governor says amid record cases and hospitalizations in his state, and we all just need to respond in ways too. Contain it without crushing our economies. Greg Abbott, a Republican, is requiring masts and most public places. The CDC wants us all the wear them. Fox is talking to J Powers has more live center. Robert Redfield, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, says If everyone wore a mask, the US could bring the covert 19 cases under control in 6 to 8 weeks. He made the comments yesterday to the Journal of the American Medical Association, saying Mask wearing is not a political issue. It's a public health issue. It really is a personal responsibility for all of us. Dr Redfield also expressed concern about the fall when the flu season gets underway, And he urged people to get their flu vaccination because to respiratory diseases hitting at the same time, have the potential to overwhelm the health system. Dave Tonya White House official tells Fox. They never approved trade advisor Peter Navarro stop it. Yesterday in USA Today, writing Corona Task Force, Dr Anthony found. She's been wrong about everything. He's interacted with them on. Republican Senator John Kennedy just told Fox Navarro has a right to his opinion, but he wishes he didn't write it. I know the vice president thinks the world of Dr Fauci I do isn't right 100% of the time. No, none of us are. We're learning every day about this virus to Republicans. President Trump Indoors won their primaries. Tommy Tuberville Bean ex attorney general Jeff Sessions in Alabama. This country's in trouble, and we better get control of of this country from Washington, D. C. On down the local government. He's tryingto one seat Democratic Senator Doug Jones for Residential doctor Ronny Jackson, one of his congressional races in Texas condemned child murderers on borrowed time. A judge block Wesley Perkies execution hours before today's lethal injection. For these lawyers play me suffers from dementia doesn't

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