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Not very long ago. It was during the cold with pig March April And it was kind of delayed because of stuff going on over. She just started radiation therapy. You know you have You have an issue. It's been said before we'll get it. We'll get somebody to see it. Go see your doctor, you know, taken care of. Don't delay it. Thank you, Craig. I appreciate your time and God bless that young lady and will keep her in our prayers. 1/3 a little bit late. Time for W. Well, first news now with Dave Cohen. From our Jefferson Financial Federal Credit Union studios offering great rates on auto loans. It's WWL First news. Good morning. Here's the latest from your official weather station WWL. Mostly cloudy, hot and humid with a 60% chance for showers and thunderstorms today so little better chance during that we've seen the last couple of days. Watch out for some stones to be strong, with gusty winds have a rain and a lot of lightning with high temperatures only around 93 in the heated next one of five to about what? 08 your local weather expert, WWL TV meteorologist Dave Nusbaum. Remember when the corona virus pandemic started, and things were shutting down the U. S government extended the deadline to file tax returns. Well, that all comes to an end today as we hear from WWL

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