Philadelphia issues moratorium on large public events through Feb. 2021 amid coronavirus pandemic


Large outdoor events in Philadelphia are prohibited at least through February 28 to prevent the spread of covert 19 Whateveryou City Hall bureau chief Pat Lowe reports. The mayor announced the moratorium today, saying it was a difficult decision. Mayor Jim Kenney says that is disappointing as it is to cancel the parade. Races and festivals. The city does so well experience elsewhere has shown it's the smart thing to dio all the fun they were having in Florida and Texas and other places, you know, bopping around 1000 people in a pool. See like on then don't seem like much fun. Now cases have been skyrocketing. In Florida and Texas. Philadelphia has been doing much better cases have again stabilized it just over 100 a day, and fatalities are down to one a day. Still, Health Commissioner Tom Farley says large events won't be safe until at least next year. We're going to live with this fires for a long time. It's not just going to go away, so we're gonna have to have some restrictions on their activities until we deploy a backseat Pat

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