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Where they started would be the start of training camp, and it's the exact opposite direction. Right now, So I think that through a big wrench into everyone's player Now you have to scramble it. Figure out how we're gonna do this and these extensive plans with lots of things I have to go into making this happen. I also think that the NFL is trying to make things work. Just said no. So they're trying to figure out a way to make this all work together here day after parties to come into his early the player said no for 68th and they because they wanted Teo. I think they should have done it now, if I was playing still when I used to hate going to these early, probably not looking back. I'm not play anymore. I made a ton of sense to go in July 13 last Monday and just started to get tested kind of get used to the new protocols in the building and get ready to play. But they chose not to do that. The NFL is trying to cram in oldest It's rampant period and I don't want president into this short little window now for training camp and team toe work, so curious to see how they work it out. Obviously, this In the end. This is for

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