'Bill & Ted Face the Music' isn't excellent, but it's still kind of fun


Ted faced the music. It's not significant nor extremely funny, but it's certainly fun. And it's so amiable that I'd be kind of a meanie to say anything too critical of it. In case you're thoroughly pop culture challenged. This is the third movie and a trilogy of Dumb Guy, Buddy Cos. That began 30 Count them 30 years ago with the time traveling Stoner Movie Bill and Ted's excellent adventure that was 1989. There was a sequel Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey and 91. These guys are best friends, suburban goofballs in one of the rock star's billing tender in high school in the original film, they're gonna fail history. Oh, and by the way, they're played by then and played by now. Alex Winter and the Evergreen Piano. Reeves. I mean piano Reeves. His career is Blowing back up. There's a big resurgence with John Wick films and The Matrix franchise is continuing, but he loves this character, and he's got a great relationship and report with Alice Winter. Eso. They've come back for this third film and You know. Initially they're visited by this hipster from the future named Rufus, who shows up in some kind of phone booth that can traverse time in space. Like like doctor who's police box, and by the way, Rufus was played by the late great comedian George Carlin, and he takes them on a trip through time to help them pass his history tests and tells them that they are going to write and record a song that will bring the world together in peace and harmony. Will, apparently by this third film. Three decades later, they still haven't written a song to sign the song. I've always felt that the world is just one song away from peace and harmony to to bad. Hey, Michael, do you exactly that I have to want hilarious.

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