Postponed Tokyo Olympics hit 1-year-to-go mark -- again


The postponed Tokyo Olympics hit the year to go mark again, but many Japanese say they should be canceled by Stephen Wade of the Associated Press in Tokyo. The Tokyo Olympics have hit the one year to go mark again, but few are in a mood to celebrate. Tokyo observed the original date a year ago, that was before the covid nineteen pandemic postponed the Olympics and pushed back the opening to July. Twenty third twenty twenty one fireworks cascaded over Tokyo Bay back then and local celebrities unveiled the medals in a highly choreographed show. There's none of that this time. Organizers produced a fifteen minute. No fans event on Thursday inside the new national stadium, screening a video to promote next year's opening. They also teased the presence of the Olympic flame, which arrived in Japan in March and had been hidden away ever since. Low Key event on a rainy day captures the local mood a poll a few days ago from Japanese news agency. Kyodo repeated the results of recent surveys. Japanese are skeptical. The Games should go ahead and doubtful they will. The poll showed twenty three point. Nine percent favored holding the Olympics thirty six point four percent said the Olympics should be postponed again and thirty three point seven percent said it should be cancelled. Organizers and the International Olympic Committee of ruled out another postponement. The Tokyo Games would be cancelled this time if they can't be held

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