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The Power Trip


Have been prepared. This is a this needs musical accompanying. Vanilla biography. You're close. ooh! That's closer. Sat. There he did it. A movie about Manila is called to the extreme. And Plain Vanilla is we'll be Dave Franco. Could see. Dave is going to approach to the extreme like his brother. James Franco handled the room and disaster artists, Tommy Wiso, which is really. Robert Van Winkle Vanilla ice is going to be a part of the production Dave. Franko is going play him. Watch as but no ice movie hundred percent. Absolutely, put it SORTA streaming service. The book, but you news really close finale ice in a weird way. Swertz Schwartz knows him really well, really really good buddies. That last movie the. But? Yeah, they're like. He says he's. Greg wasn't forgot about. He's in a lot of them him and close. That was a funny vigneault is trying to. Basically like vanilla ice. I'll find another one. To, walk. Do you think he's got cash? I'm not sure how much he gets from this. I I really don't know I I'm not sure that's thirty years of touring on a one hit. Wonder Yeah. That Home Improvement Chow Yeah in Florida or something wasn't yet. The target I was GONNA say a target center for Wolves. The wolves at a good run of getting on ninety one hit wonders to play halftime. I think Marnie interviewed them both. Time Yeah! Marnie interviewed sting and Mr Bombastic. He ragged, they're both. Was Super Bowl. Eliza in L., A. Once a lot of front, Romany. Bombastic hogs and I've been asked not to do it anymore, said WHO Zach he gets to Horny, Jeez say ban. How many the words to ice ice baby? Do you know? Because you seem to be. I would say the first verse. Maybe I pay. Most people know the. Semi five percent and Let's see how long you can go. And then you can do the rap. Sweet all right stop collaborate and listen is back with the brain new invention. Something comes a hold of me tightly. Flows like a Harpoon daily. Yeah, I was trying to. Lost my train of thought like a panda, the stage and Wexler candle dance, and then everybody loses it after that and some people. By car could have done that. Served as a felony. That's a great line now. Anything less than the best film H Lake already back at the bar.

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