DHS withheld intel report on Russia questioning Biden's health


ABC News is reporting that the Department of Homeland Security has suppressed intelligence about Russian attacks on Joe. BUD ABC reports in early July. The Department of Homeland Security withheld publication of intelligence bulletin warning law enforcement agencies of a Russian scheme to promote allegations about the poor mental health of former Vice President Joe Biden to internally Mel's and a draft of the document obtained by ABC News the draft bulletin titled Russia Likely to denigrate. Health of US candidates to influence twenty twenty election was submitted to the agency's legislative and Public Affairs Office for review on July seventh, the analysis was not meant for public consumption, but it was set to be distributed to federal state and local law enforcement partners two days. Later on July ninth, the emails showed just one hour after its submission. However, a senior DHS official intervened please hold on sending this one out until you have a chance to speak to acting secretary of Homeland Security chat wealth rope, the DHS chief staff according to an email obtained by ABC news that was nearly two months ago. But the bulletin was never circulated.

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