DOJ won't reveal congressional candidate who asked for, received hacked info on their opponent


With less than 100 days before the presidential election. U. S intelligence officials are warning that Russia and other adversaries are once again interfering in our democratic process. In 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his intelligence agencies to create chaos in our system, using a combination of social media manipulation, propaganda and other dirty tricks. President. Trump's Justice Department currently has at least two open cases against Russian citizens for disrupting the 2016 presidential and congressional elections. As we first reported last November, 12 Russian military officers are still at large, charged with breaking into the Democratic Party's computers in 2016. Stealing compromising information and selectively releasing it to undermine specific candidates. There's no evidence of similar operations against Republicans in 2016. With the 2020 election's just around the corner. Ah cautionary tale, the Russian hack. The Russians never left. I can guarantee you in 2016. After this all into news. They never left. They didn't stop doing what they're doing. This wasn't just a one time thing. No way. Russia doesn't do it that way. Robert Anderson should know. He spent 21 years inside the cloak and dagger world of spies and hackers overseeing the FBI's counterintelligence and cyber divisions. And tracking Moscow spy agencies, an alphabet of artifice, the FSB S V, R, and especially the G R U G. RU is military intelligence. So when we look at the attacks that happened during a presidential Races in 2016. You had military organisations inside of Russia attacking our infrastructure. So are the hackers or are the soldiers? So they're both on in most cases in most these units or not just hackers. They're probably some of the best mathematical minds in Russia. These air seasoned professionals that have worked away up the ranks to be in these units. To carry out the strategic attacks on behalf of that country. These are the hacker soldiers from G R U unit 26165, who, according to the Justice Department were responsible for breaking and entering into the Democratic Party's computers remotely from Moscow. Their names, ranks and faces are now on the FBI's most wanted list for stealing, among other things, the Democrats, strategic plans detailed targeting data and internal polling. G R U Colonel Alexander also joke commanded a separate unit. 744551 of his officers was in charge of spreading this stolen material to political operatives, bloggers and the media. Another hack state election boards. It wasn't some £400 guy in his parents Basement. No, this was a well choreographed military operation. With units that not only were set up specifically to hack into obtain information, but other units that were used for psychological warfare or weaponizing that this is not an operation that was just put together haphazardly. So that was the 26165 unit. The Justice Department's National security division is overseeing the Russian hacking case once they're doing that keystroke monitoring, Assistant Attorney General John Dimmers runs the division. Along with the deputies, Adam Hickey and Sean knew DOJ attorney Heather Al Pino worked with special counsel Mueller on the Russian indictments all have access to the underlying intelligence and have no doubt the rush. Shins interfered in the 2016 election. This really happened. Yes, that really happened. And we believe that if we had to, we could prove that in court tomorrow, using only admissible non classified evidence to 12 jurors. You ever expect to get the 12 Russian officials The trial. I would be surprised, But the purpose of the indictment isn't just that, although that's certainly one of the purposes, the purposes of this kind of indictment is even, uh, to educate the public. For a legal document. The 29 page indictment is a page Turner It. Details how U. S intelligence agencies tracked each defendant's actions, sometimes by the keystroke, revealing the fictitious names and phony emails used to infiltrate the Democrats, computers. And tracing the stolen data on its circuitous route from Washington, D. C. To Moscow. The information in the indictment is very detailed. You have descriptions of the Russian agents. Typing. Into their computers. Obviously, I can't go into too much detail because I don't want to reveal investigative methods. But the inside here is that behind every one of those Keyboard's is not night P address. It's a human being those indicted G R U agents. The U. S. Says one team, working out of a building in Moscow called the Tower created a website and a provocative character to disseminate this stolen material. Lucifer 2.0 So goose over 2.0 is a fictional online persona. It's all an effort. The Russian side to hide their involvement. And these guys are pretending to be one lone hacker. Correct, and that works. What it gives them is plausible deniability. Right. They don't need to work 100% as long as the Russians, Khun say. Wasn't us. Posing as goose A for 2.0. The Russians offered up stolen documents to Julian Assange, Jas wiki leaks and self proclaimed dirty trickster Roger Stone. It was all part of a broad campaign to disrupt the presidential election. But there was another less well known part of the Russian operation to undermine Democrats running for Congress. It started as large document dumps where goose for 2.0 was kind of taunting and saying, I have more Kelli Ward Burton was executive director of the D. Triple C. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. When the Russians hacked the committee's computers, these bullet points at the top are the summary for how we need to win. They swiped and dumped on the Internet material, she told us cost millions of dollars to produce. Battle plans for congressional races, demographic research on voters and extensive dossiers on the weaknesses of their own candidates. So when we deliberate internally about anything, you know that's not intended to be made public, and that's what makes this so important to understand these as stolen documents. It's not different than Watergate. It's not different than When Republicans came into the DNC and stole documents from the file cabinets. It's the cyber version of that they came into our office and they stole Our documents. Documents were never intended to be public. And then they used that in the election, even Democrat party bosses or questioning his character. Ward was shocked when Republicans used the stolen internal materials in this negative ad. We reach out to them and ask them, you know, we way, said We've been the victims of a cyber attack by a foreign adversary. Will you make a commitment not to use any of these stolen materials in In the campaigner in the 2016 election, and they wouldn't make a commitment to do so, she says. In the months leading up to the elections, Russian tactics evolved, the indiscriminate document dumps became more frequent and strategic. There would be thousands of documents that would show up on one day and then they got smarter and he started to really specific documents. Related to our specific races or documents that were in art most targeted states and are most targeted areas.

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