The convention will feature a roster of Republican stars but also


Had about a 35% higher survival rates. The Republican National Convention kicks off Monday even though the GOP convention has some events happening at the White House. Like First Lady Melania Trump's speech on Tuesday, and President Trump's acceptance speech on Thursday, RNC chairwoman Rana McDaniel says the party is picking up the tab, not the White House. The convention will feature a roster of Republican stars but also Some non politicians to criminal justice advocate Alice Johnson, Covington, High schooler Nick Sandman and the ST Louis Couples face off with protesters. Mark and Patricia McCloskey boxes Hilary von people in coastal Louisiana, making preparations for the expected landfall of Hurricane Marco and then Tropical Storm Laura two days later, which is also expected to be a hurricane. Louisiana's governor John Bell, Edwards, warning Louisianians to prepare for an unprecedented event back to back hurricanes. Hurricane Seen Marco expected to make landfall here in southeastern Louisiana as early as overnight and then tropical Storm Laura is expected to strengthen and hit this state on Wednesday boxes Brian Unis to come A Santos gnashed his second Indianapolis 500 victory today is the Japanese racer held off Scott Dixon and ultimately won under caution. America is listening. The Fox News From the Fox News Podcasts Network. The campaign with Bret Bear. The latest Fox News poll found former Vice President Joe Biden leading President Trump in key battleground States North Post comments and FBI resident fellow market where we put this race right now, Donald Trump is losing right now. He probably is not losing as badly as the polls say, because I'm sure there is a

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