Messi Wants Out



For more reaction than to the breaking news that Messier's pass alone that he wants to leave the clubs, Robson Frank Leboeuf and Craig Burley with me Craig. I. Know you'll say one's not really that much were surprised, but it is a surprise. no, I don't think so. Don't I just think. Boss Alana, how become too blase and their approach to spending to recruitment. To structure. I think the always just fell while you know rule butter the all off from best dot and the next thing and he always saints contract. And he always stays and I think he's both. We talked about extreme after the game that I you know we would not be surprised if he wanted to go to pastures neurons and try some fresh I think this is great. I don't know. But the boys I think this is great. Here we have a guy who has got what I don't know top level maybe another three years depending on injury four producing the kind of. Is because of his age, and here we have them finally say in right who wants to showcase my challenge that is not bus alone ups I. Think this is brilliant unless it a. Huge Huge checkup, the backside full custody, and cloak. It really is thirty three years of eighty is frank. He still got it most definitely. The big question now that everyone is going to be asking is way is he going to go let's focus? Shall we on Manchester City because of the relationship with radio because one of the few teams you imagine who could afford his wages with this work feeding? I I think so yeah, I think as you said, you know he knows July and Gordon knows him. So I think he knows how to handle the the real man and and make the dressing work for works for him and and the Club of course, the financier for that and and I'm not very worried because we know. Marketing Wise Mush indicting wise that the money comes back very easily when you have big stars in those kind of players will create problems in the average for years where too much paid will create problems to a club. So I'm not worried about that. I think it's a very good option to see missy we city in the Premier League but I think he's the City's not the only going to the. We're going to go to to to an offer and make sure they have the the the former baby bustling player in. In the team I think if he's not a surprise is definitely amendment and I'm with Craig with that, I want to see that coming. Of course, bustling funds will be disappointed but I think it's in the world of football. It's a relevent like when we saw Renaldo leaving. Madrid to. Even. Bigger Zing missy living wearing another shirt is going to be huge. Of course, is the only club that he's ever known. Robert. Tactically say to get him how does that work? Well, I think it will. We've PEP Guardiola makes to build the team around when you're going to play like you have to build a team around him and that's what he'll do you probably Plame maybe off the front, you can play a slightly wider area and other players making runs beyond him that midfield would have to be better defensively. Because, he will be asked to track back and do a defensive side of the game. So I think he works at. Man. City you when you look at other clubs, I'm not sure it work other clubs. It certainly work inter because he'd have to out Front Antonio cone site would ask to be chasing around and closing the bow down that were I think the set up with Man City. Searching perfectly, he knows the manager the manager knows how to get the best out of him and I think he would actually improve play over the next two years because he's become a little bit stale as at Barcelona it'd be great. Everybody's the same placement city

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