Ciara & Russell Wilson Welcome Baby Boy

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And Russell Wilson. They just walk them home. Their brand new baby boy, his name is when Harrison Wilson Very Cute Russell spared no expense for Mama and baby wins. Welcome home, so we're talking over the top balloon displays a giant flowers, teddy bear and an ice cream bar for big this and big, Bro, so do you guys feel like? This was a little too much Scott Literature. Thoughts are just WanNa to know. When did Bloomberg? As become the scale of how rich celebrities because when I was growing up, it was jets. Yahtzee was caused a networks like the more boys you have, the richer you are I can't imagine a worse thing to come home to with the baby. Then tons of balloons that my other kids are probably just going to. I'm going to have to get rid of its all choking hazards. It's a bad idea. Didn't I didn't think about the choking. Has It's probably because I'm not a payer, but I feel like it's now I agree like it's like the celebrity thing where everybody's doing the bouquet walls and the big balloons and walk through the halls with the candles, but I do feel like when a woman gives birth. Having comes kind of like a big celebration to come home to I. Guess That's kind of Nice. You know you've been through all this drama. You've been through months of being uncomfortable to come home to ice cream bar and flowers is not the worst thing in the world the worst thing

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