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And it's like, Oh, you're you're literally telling people that low income housing is to keep Brown people allow you're moving you're taking away their permission to be racist by being subtle. You're just basically saying you're racist vote for me, which turns a lot of people off GonNa want themselves racist so it's a very weird. Is. It's like watching child dude like NBA players moves like, yeah that's the move, but it's not the move denouncing. Well the the the low income housing and Sabar in the P the appeal to white suburbia obviously I know that it's racially racially charged within the tweet itself. He says, you know you're not going to have to worry about low income housing anymore right and I feel like. That's just another just more proof that. A huge chunk of his base as you know, working class white people and this is just more proof that like you disgust him, I keys grossed out by you he he hates you. You know if you're Hor, he hates you riding and he pretty much explicitly states it i. don't know how you keep going back for this guy but you know whatever that's old news at this point I guess race racism is a hell of a drug man Yep. Yeah So. From one prominent death to another. Although they're pretty different. Context Herman Cain pass away this morning. From complications related to Cova Nineteen. Airman. Canes you remember Ran, for president, on the GOP side few years back and has since become a top surrogate for Donald trump because he's like the figurehead of black Americans for Donald Trump right? He gave makes a lot of appearances. Kinda on trump's behalf representing the black community. So he has stayed

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