Heather Pearce Campbell: The Lawyer You Want To Know


You know I've often thought Is there an attorney in your life that you actually could like and Is it true that you can actually meet an attorney that you could have a fun and laughing relationship with well? I'm going to say not just yes, but a hell. Yes, so today's guest heather. Pierce Campbell she is a warrior Mama a nature logger, dedicated attorney and a legal coach for world changing. Entrepreneurs Nice Guy Community that is you she's. She's the founder of Pierce. Law P L L C home to her legal practice and legal website worrier. I'm trying to figure out how to get her to shorten that name. A little bit and in or online business that provides legal education and support to information in provides information, entrepreneurs, everywhere, coaches, consultants, online educators, speakers, and authors around the world. This jam and she is here on the show with us today. Let us bring our on Heather Pierce. Welcome. To See. You Doug I'm so happy to have you here. You are way up in the northwest in Seattle so right now. You told me based upon the lockdown mode that we're in right now. Your kids at some. They're creating some havoc. Right behind that door buying. Knew they could come through any second. Let's be honest. Yes, our level of parental control is quite low. So, let's talk about that for a second because you, you have been somebody that has has been online well before this covid crisis hit, and so talk about the differences between before and after covert, and then I wanna get into how we can help a whole bunch of entrepreneurs that are out there. Oh totally. No and that's a great conversation. I mean so many people right now. Online is maybe their only option right so if people weren't online, they're scrambling to get online people who were already online or going online in a bigger way for me personally I have felt the biggest pinch really around scheduling. Being mom, fulltime, and trying to still run my business I, mean I went from like having too much work in the day, even with a full day and childcare to now having way too much work in the day with being mom and everything to my kids and home schooler to my seven year old so the challenges are real, and I've also watched for ways that I can do things differently create efficiencies in my business, or if more people being conversation with more folks who need help, so I personally launched an ask me anything live. That's been going for several months now every Monday. Monday so alive, and people just show up and ask all kinds of legal questions, and I try to serve the heck out of them, and point them in the right direction and give them resources. So that's been a really fun thing to try out. Okay, where where is that because that's new to me so I don't know about and maybe you probably because I am a client of heathers and said Hey I wanna have you on the show and and she has wanted to come on the show since we met just a few months ago. Like where do people get that and how? How? How much of a client attorney privilege to having that much. Going online environment and still feel. Ca You know have that level of confidentiality with clients? Yeah, so that's a great question, so let's be clear that this is not me. Serving people in the context of attorney client relationship this the best way to couch. This is that people can show up and ask questions and I would respond like I would to a whole group. which is that like in this circumstance what I generally recommend XYZ obviously can't be specific legal. Legal Advice, but a lot of business formation questions contract questions. They're the same across states. Anyway, so it's really like an educational call. People can get pointed in the right direction. You know if they've something that is Excuse me specific to their home state like a legal issue that would require. They have an attorney licensed in their state. I mean I always recommend that if they're able to do that that they connect with an attorney in their home state, but. I'm also clear that that's very impractical for a lot of folks to hire an attorney. One on one for you know simple legal questions, which is why I choose to show up and serve people not way. How have you found that over the last few months? Especially did this. Did this arrive as a part of was inspired by the crisis that we're dealing with right now or only? So. How found the reception by those that are out there in the community and trying to take advantage of of of getting some legal answered? You know it's good. I'm limited by my ability to give people enough advance notice so often times I'm sending out the reminder email like first thing. Monday morning in part just because I need to hire more help in my business running some things so there are times where you need. Somebody says hey, heather. You're actually going to be on the air tomorrow at noon. Maybe you think about putting a message out well. That's kind of how we drop this. Which is why we don't get which is fine, which is interesting? I guess it makes sense we don't get. A lot of people necessarily focused on on viewing this live but I look back to the replace, and there's hundreds of replays in some cases of some of the episodes, so it is you're you are providing advice in. You're providing good legal sound information. Maybe they're not getting it at that moment, but maybe. Maybe they have that same question that you're answering so even a week later, if somebody goes back and watches that just to put in your commentary. Here's some of the stuff that we talked about just in case you're open to that. That's right, and that's exactly what I do. I post him to my Youtube Channel had lots of people ask questions and. Email me like what about this and I'll be like. Oh, I just covered that on Monday. Here's a link to the to the livestream so the recording obviously, but it's it's been well received for people that show up the thing that has fascinated me. 'CAUSE each call. We've averaged like six seven eight. People's not a huge group, but I expected people to jump on. Ask a question and jump off. They're staying for the full call, and so I'm having like an interesting conversation with six or seven or eight people for an hour one call. It went for ninety minutes

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