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I've known her almost twenty years. I interviewed her for MTV two and white teeth was out and it's been a thrill to watch Zedi grow and operated a public intellectual dropping great novels and Dope Essays and showing herself to just be a really interesting person to listen to I mean putting the also of her accident aside in person ladies as smart and it's fun is her greatest books and she's disarmingly humble in a way that just makes you want to root for her success. So settle in I asked her to talk to me for an hour and we sat there for two. We sat there in our studio at seventy eighth and Broadway and just. This is the most fun episode I've had yet so. I'm. Proud? To. Present. Eighty Smith. On tour ratio. Writing. What do you love about it? I like. I like having an artificial. Set Task To fill the day set by yourself. It's it's that's pleasant. I mean what else you can do its? Own Life and I like the idea of a series of. Tasks except myself completely unnecessary toss that nobody. Has To care about Oh but I sent them a series of books in my mind and then when they're done. I'll be done. I think everyone does that with their life is writing a very. Kind of formal way to do it I can measure out his this way. So. Do you set day go? Goals no because if I did would be very frustrated. So no but I have hopes if every day but I haven't written in months and months at the moment. I'm reading I'M IN A. Like period of reading and preparing but Preparing to start another one. Yeah. But it's much more important for me to be able to read every day them right every day I live without writing if I don't get to read I get very. antsy. Really. Yeah. So how many hours a day reading at the moment all all hours that I'm not. Raising children. So you drop them off and you go. Pick them up. So for about six thousand reading, and then I pick them up again and then after their menu read again. It's The moment is normally like that but at the moment, that's it. Yeah. What are you reading? I'm meeting a lot of stuff about. At eighteen hundreds for something after right. So it's just a of. Research I suppose nonfiction nonfiction near for the most part some novels to sometimes I. Use the bedtime reading with the children as surreptitious. Research, they don't realize it but. The reason we're reading David Copperfield. They need to know that. What are you love so much about reading. I. I really good book recently gyco fronts this with a British writer. WHO said? That actually it's kind of addiction and the strange thing about it is it's a sanctioned addictions and nobody tells you off. For reading a lot when you're a kick particularly if you're. From. A working class or emigrant home as I was everybody's very enthusiastic about it because it seems like a good sign. But what he said in his case Easel. So reading addict, he had very ill sister who died when he was young and reading for him was a way of escaping the world and I think that's always basically true I don't think children who read as much as I did when I was a child are reading because they're delirious with joy. It is a kind of addiction is a kind of escapism and and you realize it when we come to this poker I i. Go. Maybe. Five heavy books in my bag. What did I imagine? What's going to happen on the twenty two minutes away right. What did you bring? Inside Victorian. Home. A book about historical. Mikey Century Court case I lost a load of. Heavy, back books. So. I think reading is just the way I am in the world. That's how I operate and what was interesting about process book is I heard. Expressed as a kind of. Personal floor you know because if if every spare moment you have. You want to be somewhere else. So inside a booker that's. That is a little problematic actually, it's not that different from the people who want to get high off. Be On instagram. Every moment of the day is all about not being way you were

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