NASA's ECOSTRESS Maps Surface Temperature Around Scorching California Fires

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Zico Stress Mission Answers, questions about agricultural vulnerability created by water availability to do that the ecosystem space-borne thermal radiometer experiment on space station accurately measures the temperature of plants plants regulate their temperature by releasing water through tiny pores on their leaves. If they have sufficient water, they maintain their temperature. If there is insufficient water there temperatures rise echo stress produces the most detailed temperature images of the surface ever acquired from space and the resolution. is so acute temperature measurements can be made of an individual farmers field. Now, researchers are using the land surface images to assess the wildfires that are burning across the US concentrated areas with surface temperatures higher than three hundred, seventy, five degrees Fahrenheit are likely active fires. The surrounding areas show abnormally warm middle of the night background surface temperatures from the ongoing heatwave. Wildfire managers can use the detailed information to identify hotspots and better predict where to send firefighting resources for innovation. Now, I'm Jennifer pulley

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