They rallied to take that game and are now up


Your thoughts Key. Despite actually leading the Celtics in scoring last night, the Celtics do need Kemba Walker to get into the zone. Getting his own brought to you by AutoZone getting his own AutoZone Kemba had talked about before the start of the serious How poorly he was playing is also dealing with a bit of a knee injury. So there have been some situations around Camel Walker the situation around the Celtics. They were up a dozen heading into the fourth quarter of game one blew it lost it. You heard Mike Breen there say they were up 17 and with Pat Riley watching from above in the bubble in person with his mask on, they rallied to take that game and are now up to Oh, and there are a ton of questions on what's happened to the so called genius Brad Stevens. You know, Look, I don't think anything's happened to the so called genius. I think he just had hasn't made the necessary adjustments. That they needed to in the second half of these games, especially in the bubble, right. When you look at the series against Toronto, they should have closed that thing out long time ago, but because Toronto made adjustments when Nick Ners they brought it all the way to the end seven games stretched it now in a Miami situation, Explosives just out coaching me and explosive for quite frankly, is our coaching everybody. I mean, he's the best coach in the East right now. So when you look at that This window of opportunity. Man is scary for Boston. I know we like the young nucleus of talent, Tatum Brown and Smarten in now, Kimble Walker. But we also liked it when they had Gordon Hayward in in Isaiah Thomas and Kyrie, Irving and all these different pieces coming and going It reminds me a lot of Thank you Hear me here, go for it. The process. Oh, in Philly in Philadelphia, right? It's four years ago, we would we would have thought By now. A tickertape parade would have gone through Philadelphia Sound South Street Street, but it didn't happen. And as you continue to put yourself in the situations like Boston, not getting out of the east and getting to the finals in winning a chip. Everybody else in the East is getting ready to get better. You know, Milwaukee is going to get better or worse, But Miami is going to get better, right. They're not gonna get worse because they are here. They just don't get better then is a team that's right up the road. I don't know which way that way GPS yet here figured out If J will's here, he'd tell me Brooklyn is over there in Jersey, and he's from here. But the Nets No one talks about that. With Kyrie in Katie coming back next year, so East is getting ready to get some sort of log jam. Toronto is probably going to get a little bit better. And if they don't they still in the way So this window of opportunity for Boston could be closing. You know, he saw I could there be many young now you'll know too tall Marquis. No, I do know what I'm talking about, because four years ago

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