Final Fantasy 16 Revealed At PS5 Showcase Event



They started off their event. Sony did. With a pretty big reveal and that is the next main line final fantasy game final fantasy sixteen, which looks like a return to sort of more medieval ask a look. Out of the car with the boys and we're into more of a Fantasy you know real fantasy setting. What did you think Tom of what they showed for final fantasy sixteen I'm I'm never been like a huge huge final fantasy nut. I'll say that much but I'm. Definitely. Intrigued by this like it. It looks cool and fifteen was a really fun cool game and the actually the most exciting thing to me like the trailer itself was. Cool. But didn't tell me a ton right because firefighters has been and can be so many different things that I didn't get a ton of vibes off of it more than like this is neat. Right The thing that excited me most about it was hearing after hearing afterwards at nayek Nokia Yoshida was GONNA be directing the game 'cause he's goes by colloquially named known as. and. He was the director and producer of fun finished fourteen and has done such an insanely good job with that game that hearing that he's being given the reins to the main series. Next main series game is. Really really exciting. So I think that there was a there's a lot of potential here and I'm very excited to see what they do with it but also this trailer didn't immediately make me run out and pre-order necessarily if that makes sense Christian, what did you think of it? Yeah. I like the direction they're saying it's going. I find interesting. It seems. To put this, not more combat focused because they've always been a lot of combat and final fantasy games, just kind of how that combat is delivered and I'm not sure. But I kind of got the feeling that. It's maybe embracing more of that final fantasy seven remake real time and I you know there have been so many final fantasies and so many sub fantasies of final fantasies that it's hard for me to keep track of them. It's like I know what original seven was. I. Know Tactics I kind of remember. A, and then I don't know anything else after that. But I'd like that they keep evolving with implying within. I. Think Though the people they have working on this thing. One I. Hope it hits a date. And too I think it looks really interesting. It's a big it. That was the other thing that was rumored I had an last week hill gets to see but an exclusive final fantasy the big that was a big stage moment for Microsoft when they were able to walk that out, say like coming to xbox final fantasies in in Sony's pulling it back seven, and then now this one is well I. Don't know final fantasy is has the brand cachet at once did but I still think it is a another Arrow in that quiver. You fifteen of course had. Real time action combat as well. and I think that that's just what squaring does now that they've. You know there is a way to kind of finesse turn bass fish in seven remained but not really. So I don't I just that's just what they do. Now, a much to my chagrin because I'm a fan of turn based off. But you know I miss I'm with you missed the turn based too. I think what they're doing with combat stuff especially, seven remake seven remakes combat I think is phenomenal but I just missed the classic a little bit too. Yeah. I do I do I mean I'm a big fan of based stuff Anyway so fun fantasy sixteen. I thought it was A. Pretty. Cool way to start the show.

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