Along with Zuman and said that the Nuggets was cooked at 31 for the Clippers, right We said here said that


At where the Celtics were three out of the last four, they've been in a championship, The Eastern Conference finals. So they've been getting better and better. We've been waiting for him to get over the hump there down to old to Miami. My whole point is we were waiting for Philadelphia. Not not And be laziness, not Sim is not being able to shoot. Don't Don't look at that. I'm just talking about what we had is forest expectations for them over the last several years in disappointment after disappointment after disappointment. Is this getting readyto happen? To the Celtics. Disappointment after disappointment of disappointment when it's going to get stronger. When Katie and Kyrie comes the Brooklyn there's a guy that you know one of top three players that is going to land. On the courts in Brooklyn next season. Miami is going to get better. Milwaukee could get better, depending on what happens with Johannes. And so when you start to look at that, could the window be closed on them in this situation? A couple years from now, a solemn Zeon No. All I'm saying is I know we live in the vortex of we need to win yesterday. And if you can't win yesterday, then it's time to blow it all up or blow up. I didn't say it blew up. All I'm saying is that they just had Kimba for his first year in the midst of a pandemic, its 2020 there down to Oh, but they've all been single possession games. And they've been to the conference finals. Three out of four years like that is that's incredible. And you have two stars in Jason Tatum in jail in Brown that are still trying to figure it out. What, Like Katie and Kyrie coming year. We'll see how Katie operates off that Achilles Achilles injury. That's a big time injury. I haven't seen a lot of players come back and be exactly the way they were other than maybe Dominic broken, That's realistically it. Other teams are coming, but that's that's I mean, it's a Golden state's coming back next year, too. So I think you keep this core together and look, man, I don't believe that to old down. It's like this thing that the series is over. They could easily win two games against mine. He they could have won the past two games. It would have been a completely different scenario. That's all. I'm saying. No, and that's true. But we also said here on Keyshawn Jay will his show along with Zuman and said that the Nuggets was cooked at 31 for the Clippers, right We said here said that and then look what happened. That's all I'm saying, is. Will you look at the Sixers situation? High? Praise the process. They got it, right. Everything's gonna be okay. It didn't work out the coach wind up getting fired. I'm not insinuating that that's going to happen in Boston. The only thing that I'm saying is the conference is on ly going to get better so that window could be closing with everything they're surrounding the conference is all I'm saying. I don't see the window closing. I think the window's still pretty open for Jason Tatum and Dylan Brown. But I will say this key to add to your point. Hey, Brad Stevens has gone out coach the past two games. The house. I know. I don't know why you wait into the fourth quarter to put Grant Williams and his five it seemed like he was the only person that knew what the hell he was doing, getting the ball in the middle of his own. They're explosives, which, like a 32 zone and mounds and are here watching the game last night, watching the Bengals game as well, at the same time thinking to myself, man like I I don't understand how you can't figure out his own offense. Me ke your Hooper to we've been we've been playing against don't often Since we've been in first grade, you get the ball in the middle of the zone. You turn your face, You make a play. It felt like Boston all the film, which it is isil ball I could do about myself. And I don't understand that. I don't understand how one day the best minds in the game of basketball could not figure out a 32 zone with the highly power skills are principally of the Boston Celtics, don't you? I think when you go back to the first half of the game as you watched it in in, obviously on N B, a countdown and in doing what you do as an analyst The first half of the game. Kimble Walker had a decent game because it was less zone and more man, and I think they were still stuck in that in the second half when Spoelstra made their switch, they were still kind of stuck

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