Kim Cattrall, actress and producer: I have self worth. And Im expensive.


CAM drawl joins us on skimmed from the couch. She needs no introduction we are geeking out, but we will introduce her anyway she is a Golden Globe winning actress and producer you know her from her role as Samantha Jones on sex in the city and. She's The star and producer of the new series filthy rich on Fox which premieres on September twenty. First, we are so excited because we need some new shows in this Cogan, Environment Kim. Thank you so much for joining us today. welcomed the skimmed from the couch. Thank you for inviting man. It's good to be here. I will just say I'm geeking out 'cause I've loved you since Mannequin. So this is just So we're going to start the first question. We ask every guest, which is skim your resume for us. Oh my gosh. You know when I first started as an actress I was desperate to get credits and now I'm trying to eliminate. Oh well, you know they say don't have any regrets and I don't because even from jobs that I didn't particularly feel good about in retrospect I learned something it starts off with, of course, theater credits and commercial credits I remember getting a job on a lob laws commercial this Toronto. Before I came to the United States studied in the United States but then I went back up to Canada. And I had a clerk in a grocery store and William Shatner, he was sort of the MC selling the product and years. Later when I did a star trek movie with him, I said I. I, know you definitely don't recognize me I was shocked in. Clerk. Needless to say that's not on my resume anymore but. At the time I was doing a lunch hour theatre Gig you know and was making about one, hundred, fifty dollars every two weeks. So those those little jobs meant so much because I could I could keep in the theater I keep working as an actress and I was very grateful and when I brought it up, he simply smiled and said I don't remember. At least he was on. Yeah. So walk us through what was your big break? How did you go from the shopping clerk to being able to pick and choose what credits you have I did a show called scruples. First of all, I did a Columbo episode, which was kind of it was the hot hot show to to watch never mind beyond and they were waiting for another actress who just had dates and I was there I was told later on I was the first choice but they wanted to have some unknown entity is as an actor as one of the guest stars. And it was a really fun little role on this sort of passionate young girl who was in love with his older man. In a she was kind of nympheas but was very soulful. I got that job and Dan they were auditioning for this movie called scruples and that was really got everybody excited. It was based on a judith krantz novel was very soapy and fun and passionate. Packed with all kinds of wonderful personalities and actors and it was about Beverly Hills and it was we shot in nineteen seventy nine even before the glove, the eighties and more is more I played this kind of trouble Starlit who is bisexual and not that they really touched on that. You know very gingerly of course at the time, but it introduced me to a different level of just struggling and making due to being brought in the room because I had done that and and people like what I've done. So that was a marked difference, and then shortly after that, I did have a film called tribute and ticket to heaven and a lot of sort of films. What's one thing that we can't Google about you there's so much out there. But like what's the one thing that people would be surprised to know I think one of the things that people are surprised to know very recently is that I I am now an American citizen I think a lot of people associate associate me with being American and being a New Yorker of course, but I have just taken the plunge. So I can vote

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