How to Save Money - burst 03


This episode is how to say, money. I've been doing some research and I've found that. Some of you out there one in four Americans have no emergency savings and you don't not going to be able to get by without a cash cushion. which is really surprising. One in four Americans have no emergency savings and you don't have a savings account and hair some of the most common excuses people use. I don't know where to say I don't know how to say. I, can't say I don't have enough money to say. Prices have gone up and now I can't save. If you're using one of the -scuse Est. shame on you in distant excuse. I always found it. To be gratifying. When I paid myself. I as what I referred to it. Even, if I could only put five dollars a pay or ten dollars pay and to a saves account, and that's where you say to get started. Savings Account. As what you fine at your bank. So if you have a checking account and you don't have a savings account, you need to go to your bank set up a savings account. I bleed nowadays, it may be lower but one I set up my savings account some years ago. You had to have at least fifty dollars to get it started. They may work with you. If you've been if you've had your checking account with them for a long time, they may late let you get started for less money than fifty dollars. But if he can't scrap cy script up and put aside fifty dollars to get a savings account started, you're really in bad shape. Remember. I way to reduce debt is to pay the minimum balance on your credit cards. If you start paying the minimum balance on your credit cards, instead of an extra fifty or one, hundred, ten or twenty or whatever the extra you've been paying that should free up some money for you to get a savings account set up. and. Get one started if you don't have one or at least get your emergency fund start. So it's all interrelated personal finance as the inner related if you don't do one part of it. The rest of it's not gonNA work. It's GonNa fall apart and you're GONNA be in trouble one of the biggest keys to financial success as three accounts. I check, account the US to pay all your bills. And you WANNA keep track of the bills you're paying. So that's why you have a checking account because it keeps track of that for Ya. Savings Account. Money were you set aside? To have an emergency fund.

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