Vermont grocery store employee fired after stopping robbery, recovering purse


A grocery store employees got fired. At the Hannaford supermarket. Because he a woman approached him and told him that a no older woman's purse has been stolen. He's a volunteer firefighter, Good looking young man. He took off running tackled the guy from behind. And tried to hold him until the police got there. The suspect got away, but he recovered the purse. They fired him. The grocery store fired him. I was reading through that story Did the is it confirmed that the groceries were fired him for that reason because he was fired after that, Like, like, not like the day of after that, I'm wondering if there's not a little more to that, because that seems just completely unfair. Yeah, he said in his tweet. I got fired from Hannaford after working there for four years. He doesn't He doesn't really He doesn't really say here. I guess he insinuates is because of the ongoing investigation of the incident, so he'd, he said a week later, I received a call. The investigation was done. I should come into work for the results. The outcome resulted in me getting fired do to safety issues while on company time I have no hard feelings toward my co workers, managers or the establishment. He feels like what he did was not wrong and should not have resulted in him getting fired. But like we were talking about last week, in the case of like your wife seeing this go down, you have to just back off and let the criminal go for your own safety and the safety of others around you. Because if somebody pulls out a gun and start shooting haphazardly, you could be Putting lives in greater danger by interfering hundreds of thousands of dollars in goods and services goods. Stolen pan livable. I have. I know

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