From Dwight Howard, you can put LeBron James on him from time to time, eh? Maybe


Miami place. That's how many Duncan Robinson last night made so many three. How hero may buckets to me? Brother didn't score a lot until he needed to down the stretch. Defensively, they play zone. That's the one scary thing, though. When you think about the Lakers, you got some shooters. You got Danny Green out there. You got Kyle Kuzma. You got LeBron to an extent You got a D mid range, but they can dunk it up by playing zone. And if you guys the Lakers have a poor shooting, No night. Yeah. Could Miami heat when a couple Yeah, they could. And it all depends on how they win a couple. But still, the Lakers will be heavily heavily favor. They should be heavily heavily. Baber moving forward in every game. They play here on out. So, Jane, will you watch the game last night as we was Texan and you stop texting because I think you got mad at me because I said some meat. Stop joking around all the time. There's gotta jokes. A lot of height jokes about its relentless key. That's why just got shut you out. I get locked in on the game. Well, it wasn't my fault that she was the same size is Baker Mayfield at quarterback for the Cleveland about the size of London, Fletcher six to

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