What is QAnon and why does it matter?


Conspiracy Theory in American politics is nothing new paranoia about plots to destroy the Republican deceive its citizens have been a constant refrain of American history. The. Cunanan conspiracy theory is something new however, a sprawling belief system which has grown immensely popular in just these last few years despite or perhaps because of a complete lack of evidence that any of it is true. In normal times, it would be possible and certainly preferable to dismiss the adherence of Cunanan. But these are not you'll have noticed normal times by force of numbers and volume if not of documentation and logic and on matters, it is beyond doubt that many millions of people and not only in the United States now subscribe to at least some of its precepts and these believers are being indulged and encouraged whether through conviction or expedients by the occupant of Earth's most powerful office President Donald Trump never fossey about who's applause he accepts has been happy to amplify the Cunanan message.

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