How Beauty Insider Tina Hedges Created LOLI, an Environmentally Sound Brand


Career has taken her. From the perfume counter at macy's inside a conic brands like Christian Dior Estee Lauder Al. but after almost two decades beauty shetty personal crisis that inspired her to start lally beauty the I zero waste organic food grade approach beauty we talk about her a Pitney the one thing she asks every investor she meets with and why she is so committed to getting this, right. Teen almost two decades in the beauty industry and then you had both a health scare and day crisis of conscience. What happened I had spent about almost about to get decades or so traveling the world in pretty high powered marketing roles and innovation roles for big companies in the industry pretty much helping, decide and create all the products in women's beauty cabinets and. started. Simultaneously, I had this weird across section of I started having all these other immune issues and systemic allergies. A No physician could sort of pinpoint what was really triggering it as well as went through early menopause. And I was in my mid thirties and no underlying health conditions for that and I started to think about. All of the products have been applying to my body from head to toe for almost two decades and I started thinking about all those buildup of toxins and chemicals, and I realized that I had been polluting my own body and simultaneously. I had this consciousness of wow. Not only have I been pushing into the world products filled with all these chemicals and nasty since and and carcinogens endocrine disrupters all of this you know really scary stuff but on top of that were blending all of that in eighty to ninety five percent water because most of your skin hair and body products are literally water you're paying for water. And then wrapping all that in single use plastic and when the world is running out of water, it's one of our most precious resources when the boy to be more plastic in the ocean than fish by twenty, twenty five. None of this makes any sense to me or None of that made any sense to me a when I had this convergence of the crisis of health and crisis consciousness. Once you had that a home moment what was the first thing you did to sort of take that idea and start? Making it an actual reality. So I had already left the corporate world and I had gone into the start world. I launched a very successful. vegan sulfate free hair brand. Actually I was the first to use reality TV show on Bravo a show called blow out about a hairstylist in La and his hair salon. But because of us sort of uniquely understood, it was basically an hour long infomercial. We turned the industry on dime because prior to that I mean it was super early days of reality to be. We're talking like two, thousand, four it was America's biggest loser where for the straight guy blow out and the apprentice those were the reality shows that were on at that time and I realized wait a second. This is a show about a hairstylist. Want we show him developing his own brand? and. Don't have done that. So we were the first do that. And the purpose of going back to that stories I know how difficult it is. To start a business especially as a minority Hispanic female founder over the age of thirty. So I was really scared to start this and I. Just. Kept finding excuses left a brighter I'm going to consult or help this person with their brand, and it finally got the place at I was just sitting there and I realized. What do I have to lose? What's the worst thing that could happen? So I- self-financed and out of my upper side small studio apartment I launched a test of Lawley and so that was the beginning. Lawley is the world's first zero waste organic food grade approach to beauty. I want break each part of that down what does it mean to be Zero Waste We go to farms and fairtrade cops around the world, and we find parts of organic food that are being wasted or being thrown away in the process. So for example, our Plum Elixir, we work with a organic farm four generation owned in France that grows a very rare plummets called the end tape them and sa- tiniest considered like the fog or caviar of plums it's it's quite unique. It's extremely potent in antioxidants and vitamins and minerals, and when they make prune juice or pitted prunes, they were throwing away the colonel. And the Patriarch the father of this owner of the farm. About ten years ago said wait. We, press avocado oil from the pit of an avocado. We press all sorts of oils from pits Robin Doyle, why can't we press an oil and organic food grade oil from the pit of the plum? And he literally invented it like they're no one had ever had plum oil, and then he worked with the French bent to get it organic certified and recognized as a food ingredient, and then we started working with them and realized how powerful it was for skin hair

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