1113 Catherine Sherlock: Move From Overwhelmed To Empowered


Now here's your host Doug Sandler Nice Guy Community welcome back. So today we are focused on moving people from overwhelm to empowerment and to make the MAC side of your potential as a person and both as a leader as well. So Catherine Sherlock, she plays on the edge of human potential and focuses on elevating the leadership conversation and leadership from the inside out. So she operates in the realm where many are too afraid or too. Distracted to go elevating lives and leadership in the process I'm really excited to talk to her today. She comes through a source through through Michael Hand I think over at over it barefoot wine. So I'm excited to have you here Catherine welcome to the show. Thank you doug. It's great to be here. So how'd you get hooked up with that with that whole hand guy? Do you remember? you know I think it might have been through Lincoln actually. Wow that's terrific. We and now we kind of we have a good connection. So I really enjoyed talking to him. Michael's come on the show a couple of times and and he and his partner Bonnie Harvey. Of course, everybody knows them from some of the past episodes they started barefoot wines and and turned it into a a eight and a nine figure business and did a great job with that. So you come through a very high source. So Catherine appreciate appreciative that you were here today and thanks for being here and and talk in your topic and your Azzoni of genius today. Hang Stack. It's great to be here. So let's talk a little bit about one of the areas where I think that many entrepreneurs may not focus specifically on, but it's an area that I think that We are remiss if we don't spend some time on it and it's talking about the world of leadership. So can you share maybe before we get into the actual topic for the sake of our our entrepreneurs that are in our community? Can you share what your span on leadership is and how they got to be something that you became an expert in? Yeah, you know I I come come from probably an unusual path I was an environmental and sustainability. Consultant. And I did that for a long time and I have a master's in that area. and. You know. I do have a desire to change the world and impact the world and I guess that's why was in that career to start with. But yet I kept finding that it wasn't wasn't having the impact I, wanted to be having. I wasn't able to open up to conversations. I really wanted to be having and when things came to a point where I had to kind of shift in what it was in my career. I ended up turning conduct my personal life and what I had been doing And that mixed with some new areas like organizational development, which which I moved into as I was in sustainability consulting. Just just need. Gid from from clients. And I started to realize that you know a lot of our challenges start from the inside. And yet we so often focus on especially as leaders in business, we focus on solving them from the outside. And it's not your best leverage point. So before you take a deeper dive into outside versus inside, can you maybe just take a thirty thousand foot approach and maybe what some of the things that we're working on that are maybe Say Wrong and leadership because there's so many different styles of of of leader in types of leaders that are out there and they're so many different ways in which we can lead. But what are you saying is some of the common pitfalls within the realm of Leadership Today Well in leadership development. It's based on trade theory a lot, and that means that somebody goes out and maybe they do some research on some leaders or maybe they just come up with a list of sort of must have characteristics. And then they go in and they say, Hey, these are the must have characteristics i. mean you seen those articles all the time of the year that ten, the twenty the I saw one that was one, hundred and one. Hundred one must have characteristics leader. And I think it's so backwards to who we are and. What actually brings out our best selves our best leadership abilities. it's that trying to adopt something that makes us feel like impostors. Instead of. What I really think that we're. Were meant to do is really deepen into our own personal gifts. And then you connect to then you're not trying to inspire anybody then you're inspired yourself. And your teaching other people how to inspire themselves. So what does the what's that look like in in today's even the small organizations that are out there today I love the idea of you know it's almost like you can't love anybody else until you learn to love yourself and and you know you can't lead anybody else unless you're in the right path the leading yourself.

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