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Shooting. Nominate. Now wait for the lame duck or not at all. Wait for the election result. All sides waded in. And now what do you have to say? 186640? Wait, 7669. I'm going to take too much time here on this because I have an expert coming up shortly. But let me just outline what's happening. Essentially, the president has just said he's going to name somebody Friday or Saturday. The question is Is 43 days enough to name someone Get him in committee here from them. Have them do their tour fully flush out their background check. It will be hard for atleast two nominees because they've already gotten to the appeals court level District Court level and they already have the FBI check. Not much has changed. But then all of course it'll be heated. What? Who dated Who in high school? I'm not kidding. Remember Cavanaugh? You're back in high school. Remember Mitt Romney evidently got in a fight at a playground. So I'm I would not blame any of these. Any of these finalists for saying No, thanks. I wouldn't and that's one thing I regret not asking the president. I wish I said, do you? Are you sure they're going to say Yes, even though that's the highest court you want to aspire there. Do you want really want to have your past examined like this when they got to go back as far as that? So they have Judge Amy Cockney Barrett Ah, favorite to some United States Court of Appeals for the seventh Circuit in Chicago. They have Barbara Lagoa, and she is from the 11th circuit in Atlanta. And she is from Miami are dead were Cuban refugees came here and, of course, like the Marco Rubio, whose Father and grand parents. Obviously morning Cuba came here a great success story already making it clear, Senator Collins says. I'm not voting in this session. I will vote. That's big, certainly cast, he says. I will not vote for anybody yet late for the election, but they do not rule out neither one of them voting in the lame duck session. So should President Trump lose and should the Senate go to Democrats way? They will put somebody forward somewhere in the interim, if they can get the votes, and I think it'll happen, Graham and crews say they definitely count me in job. I hopped onto the microphone and he asked for people to just show some Come to wait for the election country within an hour of news of her passing Senate

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