8-9-20 Mike Trivisonno Show - burst 18


Relief the four hundred dollars per week supplemental unemployment payments rather than original six hundred and a portion of which maybe covered by states, a student loan relief extension addiction protections, and a payroll tax holiday for annual incomes under one hundred, thousand dollars we didn't think would have to do this because we thought the Democrats would be reasonably they've been. Molly unreasonable. They've been ridiculous however Democrats on Capitol Hill say the president is walking away from negotiations speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer writing instead of putting the work to solve Americans problems. The president instead chose to stay on his luxury golf course to announce unworkable weak and narrow policy announcement. Fox's Lauren blanchard reporting. The Federal Trade Commission is advising consumers of risk involved with unsolicited mystery seeds. You've heard about this probably before the agency now recommending not to plant the unsolicited seeds that have recently been sent to dozens of people in several states from China. In packages marked as jewelry Friday the FTC issued a statement saying though seeds could be one of several online scams and now Wti am sports billions. Looked for a series win over the Chicago White SOx tonight at guaranteed rate field on the city's south side

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